What We Do

Direct Call Solutions uses the best in technology and training to build a sales force for our partners that exceeds their own conversion rates. First we build a marketing foundation with our clientele. Targeting core demographics that may not be a part of our partners current marketing strategy. We then hire and train a sales team around this marketing strategy and build a dedicated sales force for our partners

Who We Are

Having all worked together in the past, Pablo, Andrew and George forged a company built for change and greatness. They all wanted to build a company that was a part of the local culture. They wanted to build a place they could look at as not only a work place but a home away from home. They wanted to build something powerful and unique! To do that they took their skills as individuals and created a company that makes them all proud to be a part of!


Center Wide Conversion


Minimum New Customers each month

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We Provide

Data Insight

Direct Call Solutions takes the data we receive about different aspects of a sale and learn about customer behavior and current spending trends. We’re then able to share that information with our clients so that you’re able to strategize ways to better reach the customer. We help drive sales to your website and build trust in your business and brand by answering customer questions and concerns.

Custom Lead Generation

Not all customers are created equally. Each poses his or her own set of challenges. When we approach lead generation, we think about the long-term value of a customer. We work to develop relationships with quality customers for our clients so that they’re able to profit handsomely from the interaction. These customers are screened to determine their likelihood of making repeat purchases and taking advantage of premium products and services through upselling.

Search Optimized Marketing

Direct Call Solutions implements online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization as well as phone and direct sales. Our multi-dimensional approach allows us to reach more of your customers in less time. We’ve talked about meeting them where they are in the sales process as a way of earning their trust and help them finalize their decision to do business with you
  • Satelite 80%
  • Cable 50%
  • Internet 28%
  • IT Technical Support 60%

The Results Were Amazing

To learn more about what we offer or to partner with our company, we ask that you please fill out and submit the contact form. We respond promptly to all requests.

Each client that comes to us is unique and treated as such. Our customized approach to meeting your needs ensures your success. Our business model is one that puts you first.

Find out what makes our company an outstanding choice in helping you create a scalable business. As you grow and profit, we make sure that every one of your customers continues to get the support and attention that they require to feel confident buying products and services from you. Reach out to us today to get started with Direct Call Solutions.

Companies We Work With

Companies We Work With