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George Olson

George’s knack for problem solving makes him the perfect person to address operational problems and create innovative solutions for our clients. A native of Grant’s Pass, Oregon, his decades of experience working in the tech industry gives him the upper hand at Direct Call Solutions

  • Tech Support 50%
  • Web Programming 80%
  • Internet Marketing 10%

Pablo Mendoza

A native Miamian, Pablo has successfully led multiple sales teams across the United States. As a passionate salesperson, he’s in the perfect position to help our clients expand their sales potential. He lends his knowledge and expertise to our in-house sales team where he has a direct hand in developing their skills.

  • Business Acquisiton 85%
  • Management 70%
  • Sales 50%

Andrew Barlowe


Originally from Austin, Texas, Andrew was born close to the Direct Call Solutions headquarters in San Antonio. At a young age, he has been a passionate entrepreneur. Some of his strengths include building and nurturing new projects from the moment of inception. He also loves the challenge of revitalizing and reshaping projects needing a new lease on life.

  • Business Development 80%
  • Internet Marketing 30%
  • Partner Relations 50%

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